What countries are eligible for Scangifts?
- Scangifts is open for users from any country to use.

How can I earn points on Scangifts?
- Scangifts offers a variety of offers under the 'Earn' tab such as our Offerwalls.

Can I redeem rewards instantly?
- Rewards of a value of under $3 will be delivered immediately by email. Higher values can take up to 7 days to process.

In which ways can Scangifts suspend/cancel my account?
-Multiple accounts per user.
-Fake/Invalid Account Information
-Violation of Terms and Conditions
- Using temporary email addresses
-Using robots in order to cheat Scangift’s rewards system.

How can I contact Scangifts?
- You can contact us by using our Contact page.

Can family members of the same household use Scangifts?
- Currently, Scangifts does not support this but please contact support for further information.